Tiphani Law
"Art is 1% observation, 1% intellect, and 98% accident, the trick is learning how to make the accident work for you."
Tiphani Law the self-proclaimed “Misfit Maker of Art” is an innovative eclectic multimedia artist who has worn many hats throughout her career.  As the cinematographer, director, and editor for We Did Z production Tiphani asserts that her diversified background helps her attain an empathic understanding of her subjects and become the auteur of their story. Being a former firefighter/EMT with a desire to excel as a filmmaker has inspired Tiphani to volunteer her services for nonprofit organizations such as the National Advanced Fire Resource Institute, conspiring with them to produce promotional and educational content. In addition to creating digital media, the Misfit Maker uses a recently discovered industrial art talent of turning trash into sculpted treasure and jewelry to express and promote passionate concern for the environment along with sustainability for our future generations. 
So what’s your story?
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