I alone can not change the world however, I can use my talent to create content that stimulates the mind invoking deep thought, conversations, and a desire for contributing to the sustainable economic and environmental future of mankind.
“In themselves, the pictures, the phases, the elements of the whole are innocent and indecipherable. The blow is struck only when the elements are juxtaposed into a sequential image.”
Prior to attending film school at the University of Arizona Tiphani Law was firefighter/EMT serving the communities of Peeples Valley & Yarnell Arizona. Therefore, when a former high school classmate reached out for her insight and assistance in the production of informative, promotional, and training content for the National Advanced Fire Resource Institute she graciously volunteered her services. That experience became the catalyst for her mission to work side by side with non-profits and independent entrepreneurs to empower them with a means for producing their own informative, promotional, and/or training content. 
"Art is 1% observation, 1% intellect, and 98% accident, the trick is learning how to make the accident work for you and my specialty is empowering you to do that. Together We Did Z production!"

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