We Did Z production is a southern Arizona independent film production company that also specializes in empowering non-profits and small businesses with the ability to create their own branded video content. Thus, “We Did Z production!"
Your “Brand” is you, it's your story, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, it has the ability to bring us together as a community and connect us as human beings. Over a century ago a young Russian filmmaker by the name of Sergei Eisenstein realized that film is the most powerful language to have ever been spoken by man and when stripped to it’s core foundation it can be directly linked to what in theory is now being purported as the foundation of language. Quite simply put, film like petroglyphs and hieroglyphs is a series of images that tell a story. A timeless language without boundaries and borders that by nature speaks to our core understanding in the simplest yet most complex composition of layered information. With the right instruments a well thought out vision can be conscientiously orchestrated to resonate with the voice of it’s creator serenading the audience into an empathic connection that allows them to vicariously walk in that persons shoes. Thus having a dynamic impact on the community and invoking change. Technology has made it possible for anyone to make great content without great expense. Together we can make it possible for you to capture your vision and turn it into great branded content.
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Tiphani Law